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We have some great Coaches and below you can find out more about them and their expectations of players

1st/2nd Grade
Eric Carlill

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade
Robert Branham

Bryan Burns

6th Grade
Matt Edmundson
Coaching Philosophy
First and foremost our goal is to have fun.  We incorporate games into our practices and conditioning program so the kids get both the benefit of the conditioning but some fun and competition at the same time.  We want to remember this is youth football and we are parent coaches as well.  Learning and effort are enhanced when the kids are enjoying practice and having fun.  We put a lot of time into practice organization and skill development.  We run a routine framework where we cover individual, group and team sessions with a focus on repetition.  There will be variation within the practices however we schedule the time and move through our work with a focus on detail, form and positive correction.  We want to instill a sense of competition in the kids.  This is not a recreation program, this is the highest level of competitive club football that Colorado has to offer.  We strive to help put our kids in a position to succeed both individually and as a team.  We will use every tool and resource in our toolbox to help these kids understand their assignments and alignments.  Film study and scouting is something we believe in strongly as a tool for learning and improvement.  We also provide playbooks and game plans for the kids to support practice learning so during games, if they have studied, they can all play at a high level of confidence because they know their positions and responsibilities.  Finally, we take very seriously how we represent ourselves within the organization, the community and our families.  We coach the kids the importance of playing to the whistle but also that sportsmanship is very important.  We support our teammates but we also strive to play with integrity and within the rules.  We treat each other as family and with respect in carrying on the proud tradition of Thunderhawk football. 
Player Expectations
-You control your attitude, effort and focus, come with a good attitude and 100% effort and you WILL get better every time you set foot on the field.
-We expect respect to be given to coaches, teammates, officials and our opponents regardless of the circumstances.
-Do your homework.  Study your film on Hudl.  Study your playbook.  Know your positions and assignments.  The better you know your job     the more confidence you will have.  If you don’t understand something, ask the question so we can make sure we are on the same page. 
-Your best is what we expect.  We expect you to will make mistakes.  We will work to positively coach all physical and mental mistakes as coaches.  We make mistakes too and we will own them and work to correct them as well.
-Your safety is very important to us.  If you are injured let us know.  Practices and games can get hectic and we don’t see everything that happens.  If you feel you are seriously injured stay down on the ground.  The drill, practice or game will stop and we will come directly to address your situation.  If you are injured at home or school, please tell us as well so we don’t put you in a position to further injure yourself.
-Practice is important and being there on time, properly equipped and ready to learn is expected.  We are on a schedule and there is something important happening at every practice.  If something is missed you will have resources to catch yourself up but it is best not to fall behind.
-We want everyone to have fun.  We build it into practice.  But when it’s time to learn we expect strong focus so we can work through that period and move forward.  Please respect your other team mates and coaches by not being a distraction. 

7th Grade
David Garcia

8th Grade
Michael Iten



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